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How to choose the best gaming mouse for 2016

A gaming mouse is different from an ordinary mouse in that it offers a smaller response time and faster pointer movement. They also offer more precision pointer movement.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best gaming mouse for 2016.

Right versus left hand

mouseA gaming mouse can be suitable for left-handed users or right handed users. On the other hand, it might be ideal for all users. However, even these gaming mouse might have controls that might be favoring the right handed. So you would want to consider these factors before choosing a product.


You would need to install drivers before you can get the best performance from the product. A mouse for gaming relies on many drivers to offer diverse functions. You can use the gaming mouse drivers to adjust settings, click speed and other factors.


The gaming mouse should offer slip proof, ergonomic hold. You would want to ensure that during critical times during the game, the device does not slip from your fingers. The type of hold is also important. Some users grip the mouse with the tips of their fingers. Others put the weight of their palm on it. A pointer device should be suitable for the type of grip you tend to use the most.


Many of the top notch gaming pointer devices of 2016 have the capacity to store data. Some of them can store more than 500 KB of data. Considering that this is a pointer tool and not a storage device, this amount of memory is sufficient for most tasks.


Processing speed

The gaming mouse offers sophisticated processors for quick information processing. Some of them may even feature 32- bit Turbo processors.


A gaming mouse has many buttons for different functions. If deciding how to choose the best gaming mouse for 2016, you would need to consider factors such as numbers of buttons and whether they are too many or too little. Some high-end products offer controls for the buttons, so you can decide what each button can be used for and how.

Wired versus wireless

In gaming, where speed and convenience are important, you get to choose a product by the type of connectivity to the computer it offers. When thinking about how to choose the best gaming mouse for 2016, you would also need to consider the extra cost that wireless products entail. However, the added convenience may be worth the cost.

If choosing a wireless type gaming mouse for 2016 gaming activities, you would want to check the range and battery life of the product.