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Anyway when you go in
Anyway, when you go in you have to fill out everything. My mother is an Apache Indian, and my father was half Indian. On my papers, they put N.A. They put Native American on there. And I wasn’t thinking at the time. I let this man tell me about I’m going to Randolph [Texas] to learn how to fly. And I did, I went off and after I got down there I started thinking about things. I realized, I’m going to be stuck in service for at least three or four years, before I get out and go on my scholarship to University of Wisconsin. I graduated from flight school in November of 1941 and. I got two weeks leave. I went to Cleveland and then I came up here to New York City. I had a girlfriend in New York City and December 6th we went to a party. I don’t think we got in until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. I don’t drink. She didn’t drink. But there was a lot of drinking going on at this party. It was all her friends; they weren’t mine. We came back to her apartment. I was dead tired because I had been going to sleep at 8:30, 9:00 at night [while in the air corps] in Texas. We woke up the next day and I wanted to eat at, I can’t think of the name of the place it’s been so long. At a big restaurant down right around Times Square. They had steaks, they were known for steaks. I wanted a steak. I hadn’t heard the radio, and television wasn’t around like it is now. You had to get your information on the radio. Anyway, we got on the subway and came downtown to Times Square. I got off that train and we come up to the top of the steps and I’ve never seen so many M.P.’s in my life. They had trucks and soldiers on them. And I stopped and stood there looking, and this guy came up to me and said to me, “Lieutenant, where are you based?” And I told him, “In Randolph. San Antonio, Texas.” He said, “Well, we gotta take you down to Fort Dix.” And I said, “What are you talking about? I’m on leave.” He asked me where I had been. He said, “Did you know about Pearl Harbor?” I had never heard of Pearl Harbor! If he had said Hawaii I’d have known, but he said Pearl Harbor. I’d never heard of Pearl Harbor. And I had to leave my girlfriend and I had to get on the truck and I rode down to Fort Dix. By me being Air Force, I had my wings and stuff, and I had the wing on my shoulder. I went over to what’s now Maguire, which was Camp Dix’s Air Corps base. The same colonel that took me down to Texas was still there. We started talking, and he was telling me about he was going to see if he could get me transferred up there but I had to go back down to my base. I got a plane ride from someone. They were flying an old-fashioned C-46. That’s another airplane. A passenger plane. Slow, no speed. Anyway, I flew that down to Randolph.

The next day they took me...

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