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Well we came back to
Well, we came back to the Philippines; it must have been about four months after that. And this time we had medical supplies for the guerillas, and you can’t drop medical supplies at 300 feet. The parachute won’t open quickly enough. And, we were up on the other side of Bagnuten, which is the summer capital of the Philippines, before I could get down and get away from there, I came down and I dropped down to 300 feet and went out over the water and one of my men hollered, “3 o’clock!” and I turned and I looked at 3 o’clock and I saw these two Zeros. Now, we’re in a cargo plane, we had two machine guns, but they were hanging in the door. We couldn’t do anything they had cut loose on us. They hit us, and I turned back in, to the Island itself towards, the Loosans, and I made a pancake landing, I bounced off the water onto the beach. We burnt the plane, we rushed up into the jungle portion to get away from the Japanese patrols they had out on us. We knew they radioed in. Anyway, we walked completely across the island, we walked from one side of the Loosan all the way to the other side, it took us almost three months. And the guerillas met us part of the way. The covered us and they helped us get to a point where a submarine came and picked us up. That’s where I got a second Silver Star. Everyman in my group, we lost our plane, but we got across the island, we lived. I came back to Australia and I made two more flights, then I came back here to the United States. Pilots had come back in the early part of the war, I should say white pilots that came back, were placed in airbases to train people to be pilots for the military. They wouldn’t do that to Indian. Just like they wouldn’t do it to a Black person, they wouldn’t do it to an Indian. They wouldn’t do it to a Mexican; in fact I never met any Mexican pilots when I was down in Texas. Came back to the States, and they bounced us all over the States.

They just did not know what to do with us...

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