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This is a wiki for translating and testing the Hungarian user interface.

Translation Map Syntax

The TranslationMap contains all the translations in the form of a two-level list, for example:

  • SandBox # optional comments
  • The file %FILE% was deleted.
    • Der File %FILE% wurde gelöscht.
The original English texts are given on the first level of the list (wiki text: "* English original text"). The translations are indented on the second level (wiki text: "** translation"). Note the different number of asterix characters at the beginning of the lines that control the indentation level.

The original text may contain one or more parameters using the syntax %PARAMETER%. All parameter names are in UPPERCASE and are enclosed with percent characters. These parameters are replaced by the actual texts in the runtime situation of the user. So the translation should contain exactly the same parameters to work as intended. The parameters need not be in the same order (although this is desirable).

Activation of translation

When translations are entered into the TranslationMap they become active immediately and automatically.

Safety net

All changes to the wiki (ProWiki) are saved in the page archive (implemented using the well-known RCS "revision control system") and can be looked at and reverted in case of an error. The Archive link is at the bottom of the page but only becomes visible when the user has stored his informal user name at the "Preferences".


Further documentation can be found at the ProWiki or, more specifically at ProWiki:OnlineDocumentation. Please direct questions to MAIL leitner (AT)

German support is available at the SupportWiki.

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