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My name is Anja. I live in a little suburb of Graz. I am 15 years old, but in 4 months I will be 16. I have an elder brother, he is 17 and his name is Christoph. My parents’ names are Walter and Elfriede. My family and I live in a house with a big garden, but it is a pity that we have no swimming pool.

I attend the fifth class, in 3 years I will finish school, and then I want to train for being a nurse. I am not the best one at school but also not the worst.

My hobbies are meeting my friends, going shopping, listening to music, doing sports and much more. My favourite sport is handball. I played in a club two years ago, but now I don’t play any more, because I have to learn a lot for school. I like to go to discos with my friends. There my friends and I dance a lot and we have a great time. I phone my best friend Teresa very often. That’s why I spend a lot of money on my mobile.

I am glad that I live in Graz. It is a very interesting city. When I am older I want to travel a lot.

Messages for Anja

Hi Anja, it's great to see you here. Would you mind to change the name of your homepage to Anja Bauer? People do it that way online and in the international communities. -- Helmut Leitner

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