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Break the silnce
Break the silence – “Leben auf der Flucht”

That is the slogan of our presentation we gave on 29. November in our school. This presentation is a main part of our project for the A-level.

Our project members are: Alexandra Wohlfahrt, Petra Zechner, Özge Firat, Pia Jautz and Mirko Domazet. The guests we had invited are: Dr. Sylvia Wamser and Emmanuel Kamdem. Dr. Wamser is a psychologist and she is a member of “médecins sans frontières”. Mister Kamdem is in the migrants council of Graz. They told us about their work and their experiences.

We started the presentation with a power point presentation which helped us to show the pupils about the non-profit-organization “médecins sans frontières” and its work. The listeners were our headmaster Dr. Hans Wilding, some of our teachers and four classes. After the power point presentation Dr. Wamser told us about her work in “médecins sans frontières”, her connection to this organization and how she had got the idea to join msf. She told us some stories which show the very bad situation after a catastrophe but also that, if somebody is ready to help, there is hope. Mister Kamdem told us about his life: he lived in Cameroon where he was a reporter, because of that he had to go to Austria and to live in exile. He works for Chiala: that is an organization which helps migrants when they come to Austria.

After their speeches the pupils had a lot of questions. That was a good chance for questions: who can tell you more about msf than a member? who can tell you more about expulsion than a man who has to live in exile? We have also organized a exhibition with pictures and motives about msf and the life in a refuge camp. That was an very informative day and the listeners heard a lot about msf and refugees.

Project group break the silence – Leben auf der Flucht, 5ak

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