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Christoph Dreißger Comment 1

Work and Education

In our society education is very important. You don’t get a job if you are not well trained. The jobs you get if you don’t have any education are not paid very well and you can’t stay for a long time. But if you are unskilled you have to take them because there are not many jobs which don’t require any skills.

I think the major problem why young people leave school is that they don’t know what they want to work. So they have no goal and school makes no sense for them. Many young people also train for jobs they don’t like because it’s not easy to get a training place and it’s the only one they get. After they have finished the training they work in a job they don’t like and after few years they quit. Then it’s almost impossible to get another job.

I think the only way to solve the problem of youth unemployment is to create more training places and to inform young people about the jobs which are available so that young people can see if they like the job or not.

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