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Christoph Holper
Hi to everybody,hope you're doing fine. Well, something about me and my hobbies:

That's me:

  • Name: Christoph Holper
  • Nickname: holpi paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatz
  • Birthday:01.07.1986
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Blond
  • Family: Father, mother and 1 sister and a small little dog
  • Girls: Well, nothing

My class

As you can see, I am still going to school and I am very happy that it will be my last year -> hope so.. I am not in a normal class, it is a computer class, we work with laptops every day and every hour. We are a very big class, about 29 people, it's very hard to keep concentrating the hole day long, especially if you have to sit in the back rows!


  • Mountainbiking
At the moment I spend every free minute on mountainbiking, it gives me the possibility to relax and to get free in my mind after school

  • Tennis
I also play a lot of tennis, I train 2 times a week and that's since the age of 6

  • Snowboarding
Snowboarding is sooo great in winter. There is no better way to come trough the cold winter days than snowboarding, especially at my favourite location: Planner alm-> a paradise for snowboarders

  • Weekend
At the weekend I prefer going out with my friends, we often go to differend locations, for example


So, as you can see I am very sportive person and I like to do a lot of things together with my friends, especially going out at the weekend. I am a very open minded person who likes to get to know other girls. At the moment I am looking forward finishing my maturity examination, more exactly, I just think of our travel with the hole class after finishing the graduation..

That's enough from me

Nice day to everyone

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