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Daniel Hofer Comment 1

The role of technology

Technology is nowadays very important in our lives. We can not live without it or we don’t want to live without. We all use mobile phones, computers, Internet and mp3-players.

In my view, all these gadgets should help us to make something easier or save our time. Consequently, we should have more free time. However, we don’t have it. Furthermore, the pressure in job and also in society increases. We always need the latest gadgets. Besides that, we have to work more, because of the high costs of technologies. Everyone has to choose for themselves to use the latest technology.

In fact, we all use technology every day and it is impossible not to do it. Cars, trains, airplanes, dishwashers and so on are technologies of our century.

For enterprises it is also impossible to work without technology. They send e-mails instead of letters (it is faster a cheaper), present their company on the Internet, and communicate via skype or msn with their business partnesr all over the world.

To sum up, technology in enterprises is very important and useful. Private people have to choose if it is so necessary to use the cutting-edge technology or wait for a year to use it then.

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