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Anna Steyer is my grandmother. She told me something about her experiences in 1945 and 1955. She has five brothers and sisters, who also suffered from the horrors of war. In May 1945 the partisans came and they split up her family. Her two brothers had to go to fight for the German "Reich" in Norway. One of them died in Luxembourg and the older brother returned in 1945. One of her sisters was lucky. She didn`t have to go to a camp. The rest of the family went to a camp. My grandmother was only 10, when she had to leave her father. When they arrived, the partisans separated men and women. After a few weeks the partisans came and took my grandmother and her younger sister away from their mother and their older sister. They had to go to another camp. One experience my grandmother will never forget is the food they got to eat. She said, that there had been a hall. There was only one meal a day. Once they had to eat a soup. There was a big pot on the desk. In the pot, there was a head of a dead horse and some beans were in it. My grandmother and her sister were starved and first they took her sister away. My grandmother was sad and she cried because she was alone and afraid. The time passed and the partisans took her to a new camp. There was a woman, who had pity on my grandmother. She asked her if Anna had sisters or brothers. So the woman took her to a room, where other children were lying. My grandmother wasn`t able to walk because of her weakness. Suddenly she heard somebody calling her name. It was her younger sister. They were so happy because they were together A month later the partisans dissolved the camp and my grandmother searched for her parents and sisters. Every member of her family survived the bad conditions of the camp. When my grandmother got 18, she went to Graz. There she married my grandfather and they started a family. My grandparents celebrated the day of the international treaty. My grandmother was also happy that she was able to visit her parents, who lived in Slovenia. In my opinion the horrors of the Second World War are frightening and I admire the people who suffered.

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