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The end of the war:

My grandfather’s life at this time

My grandfather, Alexander Wiegele, was born on 24.4.1931 in Carinthia. Because of the bomb attacks he had to move to his uncle and to his grandmother who lived in the Wurzenpassstraße in Radendorf. At the end of the war he got ill. It was a disease named Diphtheria. Unfortunately it was infectious and so he wasn`t allowed to get close to other children for 14 days. His brother also had the same disease and he nearly died. So my grandfather got an injection to protect him. On 8.5.45 the English drove from Tarvis to Klagenfurt. All the children ran to the road to see the passing tanks except my grandfather because he was still ill. On the radio he heard that the war was over and that the English had occupied Carinthia. But in the Wurzenpassstraße the Yugoslavs occupied a school building. After 14 days the English told them to go away and they had to obey. In the Wurzenpassstraße a tank was standing. My grandfather and his cousin ran to it for playing with it. On one side there was a funnel-shaped thing. Alexander tried to take it down. At this moment a soldier came to stop him, because this funnel was an antitank grenade launcher, which nearly exploded. But they still wanted something from the tank and so they stole a few cartridges and took a gun. But in the evening they were afraid that their parents would find all those things and so they threw everything into the river.

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