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Life History of Johanna W. Hofer

Johanna W. Hofer (maiden name Leber) was born on the 11th of February 1937 in St. Ägydi. She went to primary school when she was six and after that she went to High School. When she was 18 she went to a Household School, where you had to pay if you wanted to attend. In 1958, when she was 22, she married Roman Hofer. In 1961 she bore her first son Walter R. Hofer, in 1964 her second son Günther Hofer was born. In 1976, the family moved from Bruck a. d. Mur to Graz. Roman Hofer died in 1983.

Testimony evidence of Johanna W. Hofer

The childhood of Johanna was a very hard time. She had to help on the farm everyday, so the family had enough to eat. Every year things got better and better, although small things, like pencils for example, were precious. If she lost even one she got hit. In winter most of the kids were late for school because many buses broke down on their way. Sweets or fruits were luxury goods. In town the situation was better than in the countryside. Those people in the countryside ate mostly things, they produced themselves. Just one time a week they got to eat meat, mostly on Sundays. There was no washing machine. When Johanna was 12 years old she had to scrub the floors and look after her younger sister. When she was 18, the Federal Chancellor announced the signing of the treaty in the radio. It was a big relief for the people. Everyone was running out into the streets shouting “Austria is free! Austria is free!” From this year on it only got better, the people were working really hard and a lot. Johanna married when she was 22, until then she didn’t get any pocket money and she wasn’t allowed to go out. In the fifties, the invention of the electric iron made her life easier. The overall situation only got better.

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