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Katharina Magg Comment 1

Religious values in the modern world

In the modern world religious values are, more or less, important, but the way handling them is quite different. Whereas for rich countries like Europe religious values are nowadays traditional, for poor countries like Africa religion is another form of help to survive. On the one hand, there is Austria. Everybody knows that in Austria religion is seen more in a traditional than in a modern way. People who go to church on Sundays are getting older and older. The youth usually don’t like anything concerning tradtition. Furthermore, most people don´t miss anything, they have a house, enough money to buy clothes and to go on vacation. On the other hand, there is Burundi, a country where people are very poor and must fight to survive. In this area people believe much more in God than others. In this situation Freud would proclaim that religion is just a way to cope with problems more easily. He is right because with religious support they are hopeful that their lives will change. All in all, I want to say that religion nowadays is only practiced in situations of anxiety and danger.

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