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All in all, we can expect that globalisation will be good for economies, culture or travel. -With free trade we have more choice and because of this we make greater spendings. -We can understand other cultures better, because we get more information about their habits of living. -Nowadays it is also easier to travel because when the borders are open there isn`t so much red tape. But if we focus on the whole theme, we can also see the danger of globalisation. The most important fact is that there is an increase of job insecurity in the developed world. Because of the fierce competition, especially concerning jobs in the manufactoring industries, more and more companies outsource the production department to the places where workforce is much cheaper. Because of this in the Western countries employees must have a lot of different qualifications. Furthermore, it is common to employ so called freelancers just for a period of time. Another fact is that transnational companies are getting more and more powerful, nearly more powerful than governments. This means that the interests of shareholders are against the interests of communities. But do we really want this? I don`t know. Last but not least, the environment also suffers from globalisation, because all the big companies only want mega profits and don`t recognize the consequences. Consequences like the greenhouse effect and so on. In the end we can summarize that globalisation has its advantages and disadvantages, it only depends on who you are: company or community.

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