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At first I want to mention that nowadays society has changed. There is a big difference between the youth of our parents and the youth of these days. While my mother played outdoor games in the garden, today it is more common to play games in the living room. Although I am a member of this generation, the so called iGeneration, I will never have the knowledge and interests like others in my generation. I am sure that it sounds strange for most of the young people, but until now I have not downloaded any music from the Internet on my iPod. Why? Because I love it to be in a CD shop searching for good music or to read the booklets to get to know the artist better. Furthermore, with every CD I can associate a special moment or feeling in the past when I am looking at it. Concerning the music market there have also been a lot of changes. Today you can see a lot of different genres and a lot of artists and possibilities to produce a CD are easier than before. In my opinion, it is very sad that young kids sometimes buy CDs the contents of which concern sex, drugs and violence. They don’t even understand the meaning, but they sing these songs in public. Furthermore, I want to point out that most of the songs are nearly the same. In general the voice and the sound is almost the same, only the lyrics are a little bit different. Because of this you must think what the hell she is listening! ? ! I like all music styles; it does not matter if a song is from hiphop or jazz. For me it is important that the contents can tell me something interesting. In the end, I only want to proclaim that everybody should listen to the types of music they like - no matter if all the others like it or not.

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