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Katrin Skrabl Comment 1

On Anti Islam Cartoons

People believe in something, anyone does, like my neighbour believes in god, like a friend of mine believes that aliens are existing,…

What I think is that nobody is allowed to make fun of religions or anything people believe in. My answer to the first question, if the press should have published these cartoons, is: NO! ‘Cause it attacks feelings and makes people angry.

The Muslim religion is completely different to the catholic religion, which makes it difficult to understand each others opinions. Things like god, Jesus, saints and commandments are different, but it all leads to the same. Religions answer questions, like “what is the sense of life”, it helps people to deal with weird and difficult situations. It helps to tide over the death of relatives, and so on and so on...

As I read about the protests in newspaper I felt bad, I was and I am able to understand the Muslims. These cartoons were respectless. If they had done the same with Jesus or god catholics would react similarly, maybe not that radically but in a more sensitive way. Mentality of Muslim people is as different to mentality of European catholics as the religions are different. But we all have to accept what people are, what they feel like, how they react.

As long as people try to subdue others, and as long as people do not accept differences, this world won’t be free.

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