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Katrin Skrabl Comment 2

The Role Of Technology

Technological progress increased in the last century and plays an important role in our lives. Nowadays it’s impossible to go to university without having an own computer and an Internet access. Over 80 percent of people in Austria have mobile phones, cars are no luxury anymore and people communicate via Internet, nobody writes letters anymore.

In my life technology is really important. I’m never without my mobile phone - that’s unimaginable, I download music and sometimes you’ll find me in several chatrooms. But things like robots, who are “almost humans”, are strange. I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid but I’m sceptic. Do we really need robots to give us information about something? I don’t think so, because we have to program them first, so that makes things more complicated than easier.

I think in several years, children won’t go to school anymore; they’ll just have to enter the internet and do their work alone. The problem with that – in my opinion – is that they’ll have no possibility to develop, their social skills won’t be encouraged anymore.

All in all, technology is important and good for people, but everything has its end, we just have to find out when and catch this special moment.

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