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Lisbeth Hütter Comment 1

On Immigration

I think the integration for foreign people in Graz is very hard. In Graz there are two districts which are mainly populated by foreigners, because of the cheaper rents. The reason for these cheaper rents in this area is because native people move away. A ghetto formation starts to grow. The foreign people are forced to live there because they don’t have the money to move to another district.

Furthermore, it’s hard for them to find a well-paid job. One of the main problems is the speaking of different languages. Some of them don’t speak German or speak it very badly. This lack of knowledge also takes a bad effect on the children of these foreigners. Many children have problems at school and therefore don’t reach the same level of education as Austrian pupils do. Also the teachers have to change their teaching habits. In some schools there are almost eighty percent of foreign children. The parents of native pupils take their children out of these schools, because they can’t learn as much as in schools where the number of foreigners is lower. As a consequence the whole education suffers.

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