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Lisbeth Hütter Comment 2

On the Gender Gap

Statistics say that the gender-gap is very broad. Only when we started talking about this topic at school I began to realize how broad it really is.

I think most people aren’t conscious about this situation. Some of them do not see that women have a lower income than men in the same occupational group and that re-entering workinglife is very hard for women who were on maternity leave.

Others think that we can’t change the women’s situation and we have to take it as it is. I think that we have to change something and we have to change it now.

Not knowing how to buy bread for the next mornig is a situation which often concerned women who have to finance their whole family and that must not be accepted.

But I also understand the position of enterprises which prefer men to women, because men in Austria go on maternity leave very seldom and don’t take leave to care for their sick children.

I think this is a problem which can only be solved by the whole community, conducted by measures and instructions from the government and their departments.

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