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Lisbeth Hütter Comment 3

On Social Injustice

I think that children shouldn't be allowed to die of hunger in our world .

It’s really strange. People in developed countries have problems like how to earn more money to reach a higher standard: for example, to buy a new car, because the neighbour also has a new one.

We don’t want do lose this crazy game called: who can afford the best and the most expensive object.

Whereas African children try to get something to eat to survive. But not only Africa has such problems.

About three weeks ago I saw a documentary on poor inhabitants in China. It was incredible to see the situation of these people who live on fishing whereas big enterprises dump their rubbish into the rivers and contaminate all the water and fish. But the worst thing is: these enterprises have the possibilities to clean the rubbish, because the Chinese law says those companies must have filter plants, so they have filter plants but they don’t use them because of the high costs of these filters.

On the one hand the companies make gigantic profits, on the other hand there are people who live from hand to mouth.

We support those companies because we want to buy our clothes at a very low price.

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