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Michaela Worschitz

Personal tragedy of Alois Ohner

After the war in 1945 my granduncle Alois Ohner was caught by the Russians. He was born in Riegersdorf/Fürstenfeld in 1926. Many times he managed to escape from death. In Prague the Russians captured him and then he was kept prisoner near Nowosibirsk. He had been to many different camps, where he was treated very badly, although he had the advantage of speaking Russian and understanding most things the soldiers were talking about. Sometimes he was starving because he didn’t get enough to eat. One day he went to a tomato field to eat them all. Suddenly a Russian soldier spotted him and he wanted to kill him, but Alois had a bottle of Whisky with him and so the greedy soldier took it. Alois was very lucky to stay alive. Since then he hasn’t eaten tomatoes. In 1947 he was allowed to leave the camp with many other soldiers. It took him many months to get to Austria. On November 16th 1947 he reached Vienna where he got free. The next day he arrived in Graz where his family was waiting for him and they were all anxious to see him because he had been in Russia for four years.

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