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Multiculturalism in Europe

In time of globalization, every human on earth has to start learning to live with each other in peace regardless of races, cultures or ethnic groups. Cultural exchanges around the world have been so vast like never before. People are more open to accept the way of life of the others and they tend to learn them as well. When a person once lived in a multicultural society, he/she will treat everyone like a unique individual, in the same way as he/she would like to be treated and not get hung up on stereotypes. One will also develop an emotional intelligence so he/she can be more intuitive about how to communicate with, negotiate with, and provide services and products for people from cultural backgrounds other than his/her own.

Europe has been one of the continents where many cultures meet, especially in big major cities like London or Paris. It is mainly because many major cities in Europe are the centres for businesses, education and tourism. In fact, many new businesses that have been created here are due to the influx of ideas from the other side of the world. Europeans are not prone to accept other cultures. However, nowadays many media have proven us wrong about that perception, since the Asian countries are getting more influential in the world. In a dynamic nation we have to learn to accept other cultures, as this is the only way how we can live together in harmony.

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