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Nicole Crnic Comment 2

The role of technology

The role of technology nowadays is very important in everyone’s life. One is somehow dependent on technologies regardless where or how he or she lives. Unlike the times when our grandparents used to live, when colour television was a rare thing. I could not imagine walking out of the house without my mobile phone or my MP3 player.

Information technology has changed significantly in the last two decades. IT-related products were recreated and improved. Many solutions were solved and processes were reengineered in both private and government sectors. Productivity was up three folds and it will continue to grow whether one likes it or not. For example, the Internet has enabled us to communicate with someone in other part of the globe swiftly at anytime at low cost. Electronic gadgets have brought so much entertainment to our competitive world where stress is inevitable. Sometimes technology changes so fast that you can’t even catch up. In near future someone will invent robots which can do the housework for us so that we have more time of our own to do other things. However the robots might end up doing our work in the office leaving us out of job.

I hope technology will give us all a big helping hand in our society and bring people closer to each other. Howeve,r setbacks are there to come: We might forget the “primitive” way of communicating with people, leading to society with lack of social skills. Nevertheless, as one unit of the generation of information, I am looking forward to innovative changes and latest technologies as they do us much more good than evil, in my opinion.

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