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Nicoletti Florian
My name is Florian, I am 15 and live in Graz. My brother has just started to study in Vienna. My mother is a teacher at primary school and my father is a dancing teacher. I have some hobbies which are quite unusual. I love all kinds of music, really all. And I love to play music by myself. Because of this I have been playing the violin since the age of four and I started to play the piano last November. I am a young artist at a theatre and at the opera in Graz. I started to play on stage about five years ago, and I acted in several plays. And I hope I will become a musical-star or something like that. I really like to play other people, and it is a good chance of searching and finding out about your own character. What I also like, is reading. I have so many books at home, that I do not know any more when I read all these books. I also love soccer, and I am a big GAK-fan. Besides all these things I go to school of course. I am in the 5th form and I learn many languages: English, Italian and Latin. We are 19 students in my class, 14 girls and only 5 boys.

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