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Raimund Propst Comment 2

The role of technology

Nowadays you don’t write a letter – you write an e-mail.

The development of technology is going faster and faster. In the early 90s it was normal to write a letter if you wanted to say something to a friend of yours who lived in another province or in a foreign country, because of the high telephone costs. Today you write an e-mail and within 2 minutes you get the answer from the one you wrote it to. Nearly everyone has an internet-connection at work and most people have it also at home. I think at work it is essential to have the Internet because of the alleviation for working processes.

Also for education the Internet is very important nowadays. If you want to study at a university and you don’t have an own notebook and the Iternet, you don’t need to go to university. This is a prerequisite.

Another sector where you can note the fast development is the mobile phone market. If you compare mobile phones of the 90s with the current ones, you think we were carrying almost phone boxes with us. And every two months new models come into stores.

I think it is good that there are many developments in technology, but sometimes I think it’s going too fast.

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