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Sandra Schober

About my grandfather

My grandfather Egon Günther Schober was born on June 14th in Graz. He and his brother were sent to Mariazell for one year, because all kids who lived in Graz were sent away because of the air-raids. They were not allowed to go home only at Christmas. In Mariazell all the children lived together. They got lessons and although they were treated well there, they were homesick. But they couldn`t go home at that time because Graz was bombed. One day the kids even saw a fighter plane and reported about it to their parents. When the Americans arrived with tanks in May, they ordered all people to get out of the house. But my grandfather managed to escape and then he lived with the other kids in a cottage for two months. They didn`t have anything to eat and so they had to beg. Every day they went from Ramsau to Salzburg because there was a farm where they got one piece of bread every day. But they really wanted to go back to Graz because they had absolutely nothing and were homesick. So they went back to Graz by train. It was horrible because the train was full of refugees and so they had to sit and lie on top of each other. Sometime he reached Graz, but the whole city was destroyed. My grandfather searched for his parents, but his father was in the war and his mother and his brothers and sisters had fled. He found them in Hitzendorf on a farm and at that time the Russians were there. They shouted at everybody and robbed everything. The sisters of my grandfathers nearly got raped. These were the horrible experiences of my grandfather during the war.

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