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Schlegl Bianca

That´s me

Hello, I would like to tell you something about me. My name is Bianca Schlegl and I´ll be 15 soon. I live near Graz and my mother and me have a house with a big garden. So I can go outside whenever I want. I also have two cats, named Trixi and Becky, and a big fishtank. I really like animals. In summer I sometimes go to a ranch to ride horses. And we go on vacation for some weeks. I like doing sports, like swimming, skiing, riding bikes and riding horses. I also like going out with friends and shopping. But there isn´t so much time to do this, because we have to learn a lot at school. I attend BG/BRG Oeversee highschool in Graz and I´m in the 5th grade. I haven´t got any brothers or sisters, but a lot of really good friends. In afternoons I watch series and my favorites are: The Simpsons, Gilmore girls and Desperate Housewifes. I like people who are fun, because I like to laugh. But people should also be honest and helpful. These are the most important things about me. I´m really interested in the project we have to do for school. We should find out how people lived in 1945... I think this will be a very interesting thing. Bianca Schlegl.

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