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Schober Sandra

My name is Sandra Schober, but all my friends and my familiy call me Sandy. I am 15 years old and I `ll be 16 in December. I have got one younger brother, who is eleven years old. Sometimes we quarrel because he`s a little pest, but after a few minutes we get on with each other quite well.

I have got a little mouse and my brother has got a snake and I really like them. My parents, my brother and I live in a row of houses with a big garden. I often go out to play volleyball, football or table tennis and I like to ski. I really like to do this sport and I also love to go shopping with my friends. But we also meet and then we go the cinema or we go out together.

I often watch TV with my friends, because after watching we can talk about the films we have seen and I think that’s real fun. I like to watch serials in the afternoons or in the evenings. O.C.California, Gilmore Girls and The Simpsons are my favourites. I am very happy that I have so many good friends.

I go to Oeversee high school and I like it. Of course it`s stressful and I have not got time for anything if I have to learn. But I´m interested in our subjects and I like to study languages like English, Italian and Latin. We`ll need them for the future and for our whole life. Maybe, I will go to England to study or to live there because one year ago I was in London and I really liked this city. In my holiday I was in Italy, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Tunisia and Egypt and maybe my family and I´ll go to Turkey this summer.

Well, I think I have told you some interesting facts about me.

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