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Wiegele Julia
That`s me

Hi, I`m Julia, a 15-year-old girl and one of the five members of my family. I`ve got two little brothers and live in a block of flats.

In winter I like snowboarding and in summer I play volleyball, tennis and I like to go horse riding. But I like winter best, because it`s very cosy if it`s dark and cold outside and you can sit in your room with a blanket and watch TV or something like that. I spend a lot of time in my room, because I like this room best. I also like to decorate it and I have lots of stuff.

In the evenings I sometimes go out, but not very often. I like to go to discos and to the cinema. But the thing I like best is shopping and meeting friends. I`m addicted to clothes, shoes and handbags. I buy something nearly every time I go to town. Meeting friends is another hobby. I meet them every day at school, but we like to go to restaurants and cafés, only for talking. I would like to do this all the time, but unfortunately I also have to go to school and that`s hard work. On the other hand school is not really difficult for me and I`m glad to have many friends there.

My family and I get along very well, because they aren`t really strict. I don`t have any pets except a little hamster.

I think, these are the most important facts about me.

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