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Worschitz Michaela

Hello I’m Mikey

My name is Michaela Worschitz, I’m 15 years old and I come from Austria. I attend “Oeversee highschool”, because my sister was also here. I look like a “real Austrian girl”. I have got long blond hair, blue eyes and I'm very small. I’m a really cheerful person and I like making jokes because I think life without laughing isn’t much fun. I have many best friends who I like very much. I spend a lot of time with them, although I don’t have much time. I have to do lots of things for school (also things which I don’t like very much) but every week I go horse riding and I also attend extra chemistry lessons which are much fun. You see I’m fully booked up, but I have pretty good grades. I don’t have any favourite food, because I eat everything. I love to go abroad with my family, I was in London, everywhere in Italy and three times in Paris (Disneyland). I can speak German, English, a little bit Italian and now I’m learning Latin. I live at a wonderful place, here are lots of trees, I have a big garden and everything is green. I want to become an architect and so I will go to university. This is my burning ambition.

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