Phone Cases

Phone Cases

The Different Types Of Phone Cases And Their Usage

In the modern era of smartphones where companies are releasing a new device every other week, the market is saturated with amazing devices that offer both performance and value for money. The phone accessory industry is also huge now as people leave no stone unturned to make sure that their phones are up-to-date with the latest styles and have necessary protection to withstand less than careful usage. If you are looking for a particular type of phone case for protection, then having some knowledge about the varieties available can definitely help make an informed purchase.

Different types of phone cases

  • Hard cases:

Made out of either sturdy fiberglass or thin sheet metal, hard cases perform just as what its name implies. These cases offer the best quality production in various types of harsh environments and keeps your phone safely against Knox, scrapes, and even from fall damage. There are convenient slots that facilitate easy access to the keypad, headphone jack, etc.

  • Pouches and sleeves:

These cases are sort of like small bags that completely encase a device to protect it from scratches. Also, they also come with extra padding to offer better protection from shocks and drops. This is often not preferred because of its limited accessibility to the touch screen and other phone features.

  • Shells:

These are ideal in most situations as the contraption encloses your phone within a very sturdy of metal or plastic, effectively protecting your device from bumps and scratches. It would be wise to remember that shells do have minor protection capability from hard drops, which means you’d be better off being careful with your model.

  • Skins:

Highly popular variety in the market happens to be skins, which are primarily an enclosure of silicone and rubber layer. You can buy both thin and thick skins depending upon the requirement. The reason for their popularity is because they don’t add size to the device, maintaining the right level of portability.

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Style quotient

Phone cases are just not meant for protection, but also for increasing aesthetic appeal as they come in various colors and patterns. Nowadays, even custom-made shells and skins are available where you can have a picture of your favorite superhero, an emblem, inspirational quotes, a photograph of someone close to you, and practically anything you can imagine that can be put into printing. Using any type of phone case for protection is important to give your favorite device a longer lifespan.