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Internet Security Software Vs. Premium Software

Even though these days, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about computer viruses and other malicious software, the fact is that there are still many PC users who do not use antivirus programs, or who have not heard about premium security software. Well, this does not come as a big surprise, given the sheer range of software options and security programs that are currently in use, as well as their late entrance into the field of PC security software.music

Premium software packages

Many premium software applications have come much later than the majority of other programs, such as antivirus ones, firewalls, antispyware suites and plenty of other internet security programs. With all these available, it can be a somewhat daunting task to find the right premium software, even for those PC users who are considered tech savvy.

Comprehensive and simple to use

There are also lots of those who think that these systems are overly complicated. However, the truth is that they are not. In fact, using a single, comprehensive premium software is much more convenient and simple than using a host of other, smaller programs for each security concern. This way, you can get one big, comprehensive package, that includes all the vital security components and that can save you a lot of hassle and money in the process.

Extra useful

Modern premium security suites go by many names, and they usually include prefixes such as mega, ultra, ultimate, extreme, total, super, etc. What these mean is that a premium package includes all the vital consumer-level security software, as well a plethora of extra tools and features you might need.

However, there are many who would say that premium security software suites and internet security suites share quite a lot of similarities, regarding the tools, features, and programs. They are correct, but to a certain degree, as there are both similarities, as well as notable differences.

The similarities

Just like premium security software suites, internet security suites also contain firewalls, anti-spam tools, an antivirus, as well as antispyware protection. Each of these four programs also has their own, stand-alone versions, which serve their specific purpose of protecting a PC, by removing specific types of software threats. On their own, these are potent, but when combined, they represent a formidable protective force that can keep your PC from all kinds of software attacks and incursions.

Also, the internet and premium software suites also come with features, which are not found in stand-alone versions. Some of these include gamer modes, parental controls, data backup, anti-phishing tools and more.

The differences

softwarePerhaps the most obvious difference between the two is the price, with premium suites being more expensive than the internet ones. While there are cheap premium packages, they are still pricier than the majority of expensive internet packages.

The second notable difference is related to the extra PC Utility tools. These features are commonly found in premium packages but not in internet ones. The main purpose of these tools is to perform various small PC repairs, so as to optimize its functioning and performance.

In the end, the choice between these two should be based on your personal preferences. If you prefer maximum security, as well as additional features, and if you can afford it, go with a premium software package. If you are interested only in the security aspect, an internet security package will be perfectly fine.