Movie Making Monster – Choosing The Best Laptop For Video Editing

Videomaker Laptop

With today’s technology, you can edit a video on your mobile device. However, you can only edit short and low-quality videos. Therefore, professional video editors looking to stay ahead of competition know that editing videos is a demanding task and heavily depends on the power of the laptop. A couple of years ago, digital editing of videos was associated with desktop workstations packed with the most expensive computer parts. This is no longer the case. Today, there are quite powerful laptops capable of quality video editing and editors can now step up their game since they are no longer tied to their desks. Okay, editing of any video is a heavy-duty job, but what exactly should an editor consider when looking to purchase – best laptop for video editing?


Regarding video editing, always opt for the SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of the HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Choosing a laptop with the perfect capacity is one of the most important factors to consider. A Solid State Drive is more efficient than the Hard Disk Drive concerning speed, durability and power consumption. Video editing can be challenging and time-consuming, that is why you need a laptop that does not experience heat generation problems, does not make any noise, is much quicker.

The Right RAM

When you start editing videos, a better RAM will provide a place to run functionally and store the impermanent work files created. Remember that the speed factor of a laptop is determined by the RAM+Processor. Therefore, always try to aim for the highest RAM value possible. If your budget allows it, then the least value you should consider is 8 GB. The bigger the RAM, the faster your laptop will work, zero compatibility issues with the latest software and you can easily have real-time playback without dealing with dropped frames.

Powerful Processor and Graphics Card.gadget

A quality processor is mandatory. The editing of videos is exceptionally processor escalated since it often involves opening multiple applications. To make sure that you go for the best processor, look up the recommended processor for the specific software that you use. However, if your budget allows it, at least choose the i5 or i7 processor.

A powerful graphics card is as crucial as a powerful processor. Be careful here; do not give too much attention to the processor and forget the graphics card. A graphics card is a device that transitions the video footage from its raw data form into pixels. So, as you can imagine, it is imperative to have a graphic card with powerful graphics capabilities.

The job of video editing is intensive and will stretch your laptop to its limits. Therefore, when it comes down to choosing – best laptop for video editing, do not forget that it’s all about compatibility and balance.

Choosing Between An Intel Or AMD CPU For Gaming

Choosing Between An Intel Or AMD CPU For Gaming (1)

Innovations in the computing world can be traced back to the gaming industry. Gamers try to out perform each other by coming up with powerful gaming rigs that feature extremely overclocked CPUs. This overclocking is a joint contribution from both the gamer and the manufacturer. Gamers will prefer a CPU from a manufacturer who supports overclocking on their CPU than one with no support. The manufacturer in return benefits from sales and insights.

These insights help the manufacturer come up with better technology in key areas such as cooing, overclocking, efficient memory use and many more. The gamer on the other hand is faced with the challenge of picking the right CPU for his gaming rig. This boils down to picking the CPU, AMD or Intel for gaming. Through this article, I will try to ease the search for the best gaming CPU manufacturer.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has all its top tier gaming CPUs under the FX series. The AMD FX series is best known for its pocket friendly prices for CPUs that perform as good as the premium processors as those of competitors.

Choosing Between An Intel Or AMD CPU For Gaming (1)Advantages of the AMD FX CPUs.

Support for the highest clock rates: These CPUs come unlocked for overclocking ( a preference for most gamers) giving the user more control over the performance of his CPU.
AMD Over Drive software builds on the need for overclocking software and allows the user to effectively manage the power and performance of his CPU right from within the OS while using trustworthy manufacturer provided software.
High end cooling technology: Cooling goes hand in hand with overclocking. AMD has invested in in the cooling technology market with innovations such as the AMD Wraith Cooler, which is not only powerful but also touted to be near noiseless.

Shortfalls of the AMD FX CPU

The CPU tends to operate at high temperatures even on idle mode. This requires an always active cooling fan which rotates at close to 3500 RPM. At these speeds the noiseless feature slowly fades away.
The CPUs have compatibility with budget motherboards resulting in frame drops. This is quite unfortunate since the processor is sold as a budget processor and is therefore expected to work with the cheap boards.

Intel CPU

Intel’s investment in the gaming industry has seen it dedicate more resources to their Core i-K series of processors. These are the unlocked processors which give the user the ability to manipulate the CPUs multipliers. These are the official gaming processors from Intel.

Advantages of Intel’s Core i-K series CPU

The CPU’s multiplier is unlocked. This is quite rare among Intel’s processors. Most gamers have to find loopholes that will enable them overclock the CPUs. This eases the trouble of damaging the CPU by exploiting loopholes in BIOS code.
The Hyper Thread technology provides the gamers with more power out of each core allowing for greater performance as well as future proofing the CPU.
They have more advanced memory management technology with features such as larger cache sizes and quad-channel memory controllers. These make the processors quite efficient on memory.

Shortfalls of Intel’s Core i-K series CPUChoosing Between An Intel Or AMD CPU For Gaming (2)

Intel charges extra for the ability to overclock their CPUs. This extra charge does not however guarantee that the warranty will cover damages from overclocking.

In conclusion, picking the right CPU for your gaming rig comes down to personal preferences. A preference for a costly processor will lead one to Intel’s Core i-K processors. While a budget configuration will incorporate the AMD FX processors. A cautious user will prefer approaching overclocking with the manufacturer supported AMD Over Drive software. With this in mind one can comfortably pick the right CPU AMD or Intel for gaming.