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Top Elite League of Legends Tricks to Destroy Your Opponents

Thousands of gamers log in daily onto the league of legends to play some Riot games for free. Some of the find it wise visiting sites like eloboost.com to have an edge over their opponents. Unfortunately, some of them get crushed by some elite few who have all superior tricks. The famous trick often involves one of the lesser used summoners spell in free games, which is incredibly useful teleport spell. This trick takes weeks to master, but it takes few moments to learn. Here are two crucial leagues of legends tricks.

League of Legends tricks

Fiddlesticks’ SurpriseCosplay

One sound which strikes fear in the heart of every seasoned League of Legends player is the horrifying sound of Fiddlestick’s monstrous. This is nothing less than an area of effect related to the spell of doom for anyone caught in its wake.

The problem with this spell is the 2-second channel time which requires one to be very smart while ready to attack. Surprisingly, it is only some few players who can realize the power of the ultimate when thoroughly combined with the utility of teleport summoner spell.

Awesome way of getting the drop on the opponents with the Fiddlesticks is by laying down the award in the farthest push on the bottom or top lane of a map. If done right, then one can teleport behind opponents and out of the sight as well, waiting for the first time to launch from strike and bushes. This is effective if one is playing Fiddlestick in a lane. With that, one can easily recall the base before teleport behind them to create mass confusions.

Nunu’s Trap

Nunu is famous as a league of legends tricks. Nunu has the strongest ultimate in the game which is in a position of swallowing the entire teams in the large radius and explode them into a million bits. This is the most difficult ultimate to land in legend games. It has a stationary channel which can be interrupted quickly unless a gamer has teleport summoner spell.

gameWith the summoner spell at one’s disposal, Nunu becomes a frightful player for the opposite team. A player should try sneaking ward right to the middle of the middle lane so as to teleport to later and wait until opponents solo the mid steps by it. When the opponent does this, the gamer should teleport in, and ice blasts the opponent quickly for the slow effect.

The two are a league of legends tricks which can also work correctly for Dragon, Baron or any other short distance in front of the central tower. Placing a ward in front of the middle tower is rewarding, as once a gamer teleport in and cast ultimate while opponents are attacking the tower, they will get pinched in and be forced to move to the tower where teammates await.